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Children's Village began as a dream and vision among key community organizations and dedicated volunteers to meet the needs of children with special health care needs and their families.

It Takes A Village

What grew from that vision is now so much more than a bricks-and-mortar building. Children with special health care needs have access to the vital services they need in their own community. No longer do families have to travel long distances for specialty care.

Each year, thousands of children receive over 30 different kinds of specialized services provided through the Village. There are medical specialty clinics, developmental evaluations and collaborative diagnostic clinics, dental services, occupational, physical and speech therapy, mental health counseling, education services, behavioral intervention and nurse home visiting programs. The Village also offers a comprehensive parent and family support group called the Parent to Parent program.

More than anything, Children's Village is a place for children to be children first. Whether treatment, services and support or evaluations take place in the home, at school, at the Village itself or through one of its partner organizations; everyone at Children's Village believes the same thing, help kids be the very best kids they can be.

  • We believe that children with special needs are children first.

    We Believe

    We believe that children with special needs are children first.

    We believe that children with special needs are not defined by their diagnosis but by their unique qualities, talents and potential.

    We believe that children with special needs deserve supportive intervention to learn and grow.

    We believe that children with special needs and their families bring a unique set of stregths and experiences that shape the way supports and services are offered.

  • Helping children with special healthcare needs.

    Key Partners

    Five vital organizations to the Yakima Valley - Virginia Mason Memorial, The Memorial Foundation, Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health, Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic - came together out of a shared passion and commitment to provide the highest quality healthcare possible for area children.

    Today, Children's Village is made possible through key partner organizations, generous benefactors from around the community, state and federal funding and grants. All combined, they provide the unique array of services to meet the needs of children and their families.

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