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Family Support

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Parent to Parent Program at Children's Village:

The Parent to Parent program offers emotional support and information to families raising children with special health or developmental needs. In addition to parent support, the program offers sibling support, recreation and social opportunities, a newsletter, and disability awareness education through Kids on the Block puppets.

The Yakima County Parent to Parent program is provided by Yakima Valley Memorial through Children's Village. The program coordinator and staff are parents or family members of children with special health or developmental needs.

Parent to Parent Programs and Activities:

  • Parent Support Connections
    Families who receive a new diagnosis for their child are connected with another family who has also received the same diagnosis.
  • Parent Training
    Education opportunities related to parenting a child with special needs.
  • Holland
    A support group for families who have received a new diagnosis for their child.
  • Support and Sharing Groups
    Groups meet in a variety of locations throughout the month. Some are for specific diagnosis or focus on an activity.
  • Sibshops
    Support workshops for brothers and sisters (ages 6 - 12)
  • One 2 One inclusive recreation program
    Activities vary depending on the season but include soccer, basketball, softball and many other recreational activities! Children are paired with a specially-trained teen mentor and get to experience a variety of activities. (for children and youth ages 6 - 21)
  • Kids on the Block Disability Awareness Program
    A program available to schools, child care centers, and other child-serving organizations. Teens act out scenarios with the aid of puppets to promote disability awareness.
  • Family Social events
  • Quarterly newsletter: English | Spanish