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3801 Kern Road,
Yakima, WA 98902 Map this address

(509) 574-3200 Fax: (509) 225-2717

Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Cleft Palate Program

The Cleft Palate Program at Children's Village provides diagnosis and treatment for children with cleft lip and/or palate. The program supports the child and family through the duration of their care needs, coordinating services and planning necessary treatments through a team approach that includes a pediatric dentist, plastic surgeon, genenetic counselor, speech language pathologist, pediatrician, social worker, otolaryngologist, and oral surgeon. Services are provided for children who live in Central Washington.

Each child enrolled in this program is followed from birth and is reviewed by the team on a regular basis depending on the needs of the child and his or her family.

If you have a concern about your child's development, talk to your primary care physician about a referral or start by taking this simple online developmental screening or call Children's Village at (509) 574-3200 or (800) 745-1077.

Yakima Central Washington Cleft Palate Team

The Maxillofacial team at Children's Village in Yakima has a deep commitment to serve children in Central Washington with the diagnosis of cleft lip and/or palate. The team is comprised of over 15 medical and dental professionals who volunteer to meet six times per year to develop comprehensive plans of care for over 70 children. There are from 150 to 190 children in our program in any given year, with an average of 23 new referrals per year. Plans of care developed by the team provide guidance to primary care providers, medical and dental specialists, ,speech language pathologists, school personnel, and, most importantly-families.

Our team serves the following counties:

  • Benton
  • Chelan
  • Douglas
  • Franklin
  • Grant
  • Kittitas
  • Klickitat
  • Okanogan
  • Walla Walla
  • Yakima

The Role of the Team Coordinator

The Team Coordinator (Cathy Buchanan, MSW) works closely with family, team members, and local public health providers to schedule children for team evaluations. The Team Coordinator also facilitates appointments with specialists as necessary prior to team evaluation, collects reports from specialists, collects data, and summarizes current information/recommendations prior to team review. The Team Coordinator provides care coordination that is critical to the development of the comprehensive and timely plans of care. The Team Coordinator works with local hospital staff to ensure that the family of a newborn with a cleft lip and/or palate receives timely and accurate information about the condition and resources available for care.

More About The Yakima Central Washington Cleft Palate Program

An average of $290 per year is spent on care coordination for each child that is in the Yakima Central Washington Cleft Palate Program.

The Central Washington Region's expected prevalence in 2013 was 13.59 cases of CLP. The actual prevalence of CLP in Central Washington was 18 in 2013.

Mascaras Gratis con servicio al carro en la Villa de los Niños

Mascaras Gratis con servicio al carro en la Villa de los Niños

Este Miércoles, 1ro de Julio, de 5:30 pm a las 7:00 pm, La Villa de los Niños estará ofreciendo mascaras gratis para las familias del Valle de Yakima.

Lo que necesita saber:

  • Regalo de máscaras, 1ro de Julio, 5:30-7:00 pm (o hasta agotar existencias)
  • Venga a cualquier hora entre las 5:30-7:00 pm
  • Villa de los Niños – 3801 Kern Rd., Yakima (use la entrada por la calle Kern Rd)
  • Este evento es con servicio al carro. Pedimos que por favor se quede dentro de su carro.

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Mask Training: English & Spanish Videos and Instructions

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Family Guidelines for the re-opening process of Children’s Village

Since the mid-March closure of Children’s Village due to COVID-19 we have continued to serve children and families with telephone and telehealth (virtual) appointments. A very limited number of in-clinic appointments have been available for patients with urgent medical needs.

Beginning Monday, May 11, we have expanding our in-person services, very slowly and very restricted. 

What you need to know:

  • We have a detailed plan for the re-opening of Children’s Village. This will be a process over the next several months and places a high priority on keeping our patients, families and staff safe.
  • We will continue telephone and virtual visits for many types of appointments
  • We will continue all Parent to Parent groups and activities virtually
  • We have developed a priority list of services that need to be done in-person, these include cardiology appointments, autism diagnostic services, equipment and orthotic services, feeding evaluations, and some limited therapy visits for high-risk patients. Urgent dental visits are being completed at the Farmworkers Clinic Lincoln Avenue Clinic. We are currently making a plan to slowly bring back dental procedures.
  • Only those with scheduled appointments are allowed into the building (patient and one parent).
  • The supervised playroom will remain closed

We will move forward together! Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. You can call us at Children’s Village- 509-574-3200.

Thank you for your trust and support,

The Children’s Village Leadership Team

Pautas Familiares para el Proceso de Reapertura en Children's Village

Desde el cierre que ocurrió a mediados de Marzo de Children's Village debido al COVID-19, hemos seguido atendiendo a niños y familias con citas telefónicas y de Tele salud (virtual). Junto con un número muy limitado de citas en la clínica que ha estado disponible para pacientes con necesidades médicas urgentes.

A partir del lunes 11 de mayo, hemos ampliado nuestros servicios en persona,muy lentamente y muy restringidos.

Lo que debe saber:

  • Tenemos un plan detallado para la reapertura de Children's Village. Este será un proceso durante los próximos meses y otorga una alta prioridad a la seguridad de nuestros pacientes, familias y personal.
  • Continuaremos las visitas telefónicas y virtuales para muchos tipos de citas.
  • Continuaremos todos los grupos y actividades de Padre a Padre virtualmente
  • Hemos desarrollado una lista de servicios prioritarios que deben realizarse en persona, que incluyen citas de cardiología, servicios de diagnóstico de autismo, equipos y servicios ortopédicos, evaluaciones de alimentación y algunas visitas terapéuticas limitadas para pacientes de alto riesgo. Las visitas dentales urgentes se están completando en la Clínica de Campesinos de la Lincoln Avenida. Actualmente estamos haciendo un plan para recuperar lentamente los procedimientos dentales.
  • Solo aquellos con citas programadas pueden ingresar al edificio (el paciente y uno de los padres).
  • La sala de juegos supervisada permanecerá cerrada.

¡Avanzaremos juntos! Si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud, no dude en comunicarse con nosotros. Puede llamarnos a Children’s Village al- 509-574-3200.

Muchas Gracias por su confianza y apoyo,

El Equipo de Liderazgo de Children’s Village


Dear Referring Providers, Families, and Friends:

It has been a while and we wanted to reconnect with each of you to update you on what has been happening and the next phase we are entering in serving the children with special healthcare needs and their families.

Before the update, we want to extend a thanks to each of you, our partners in this work, during this unprecedented time. As you are well aware, the healthcare needs of children (and their families) does not stop for a pandemic, and neither have any of you. You have been at the forefront of this work, assuring kids have what they need and are being as safe as possible. Thank you for your front line AND behind the scenes work. Know it does matter, and for that each of us is grateful.

Over the past two months, we have been serving children through utilizing telephonic and telehealth (virtual) means to provide care. We had identified this as a tactic in the strategic plan we developed for Children’s Village back in August last year, and recent months have significantly expedited those efforts. In addition, we continued to have in person visits to the Village for urgent Cardiology patient, and for some urgent feeding visits for babies who could not wait.

We are now embarking on the next phase of our plans. Beginning Monday, May 11, we will be expanding our in-person services, very slowly and very restricted. Here is a snapshot:

  • We will continue to provide telephone and virtual visits to patients and families through all of our services. These include services for new referrals as well as established patients.
  • We have identified a priority list of services that really need to be done in person. This will be triaged on a daily basis to determine need. These include things such as (just a few examples):
    • New autism diagnostics
    • DME and Orthotic evaluations
    • Feeding evaluation and therapy for those at high risk

We have created a detailed plan, have contingencies and clear guidelines for our staff, and will be slowly opening back up to in-person visits for our patients and families in a way that keeps them and our staff and providers as safe as possible and have developed a detailed plan. We are continuing to take new referrals for all services (including therapy, EI and medical services), to triage patients, and to provide ongoing treatment as able, knowing some will be in person and others provided virtually.

At this point, as we begin to slowly open, we are only allowing those with a scheduled appointment into the building. If families or community members need to come by the Village to pick up items or to drop something off for a staff member, they can come to the door but will be asked to wait outside in order to minimize the number of people in the building.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. You can us through the CV phone line, or feel free to contact Diane Liebe, Medical Director at (phone: 509-574-3226) or Laura Crooks, CEO at (Phone: 509-574-3596).

Thank You for Being Part of Our Village,

The Children’s Village Leadership Team

Estimados Proveedores de Referencia, Familias, y Amigos:

Ha pasado un tiempo y queríamos reconectar con cada uno de ustedes para actualizarles sobre lo que ha estado sucediendo y la siguiente fase en la que estamos entrando en el servicio a los niños con necesidades especiales de salud y sus familias.

Antes de la actualización, queremos dar las gracias a cada uno de ustedes, nuestros socios en este trabajo, durante este tiempo sin precedentes. Como usted bien sabe, las necesidades de atención médica de los niños (y su familia) no se detienen para una pandemia, al igual que ninguno de ustedes. Usted ha estado a la vanguardia de este trabajo, asegurando que los niños tengan lo que necesitan y están siendo lo más seguros posible. Gracias por estar en primera línea y detrás de las escenas de trabajo. Sepa que sí importa, y por eso cada uno de nosotros está agradecido.

Durante los últimos dos meses, hemos estado sirviendo a los niños a través de la utilización de medios de telefonía y tele salud (virtual) para proporcionar atención. Habíamos identificado esto como una táctica en el plan estratégico que desarrollamos para Children's Village en agosto del año pasado, y estos últimos meses aceleraron significativamente esos esfuerzos. Además, continuamos teniendo visitas en persona en Children’s Village para pacientes con urgencias en Cardiología, y para algunas visitas de alimentación urgentes para bebés que no podían esperar.

Ahora nos embarcamos en la siguiente fase de nuestros planes. A partir del lunes 11 de mayo, ampliaremos nuestros servicios presencial, muy lentamente y muy restringidos. Aquí está un visual: 

  • Continuaremos proporcionando visitas telefónicas y virtuales a pacientes y familias a través de todos nuestros servicios. Estos incluyen servicios para pacientes nuevos, así como pacientes establecidos.
  • Hemos identificado una lista prioritaria de servicios que realmente deben hacerse en persona. Nos reuniremos a diario para determinar la necesidad. Esto incluye algunas cosas como (solo algunos ejemplos):
    • Nuevos diagnósticos de autismo
    • Equipo médico duradero y evaluaciones ortoticas
    • Evaluación y terapia de alimentación para personas de alto riesgo

Hemos creado un plan detallado, tenemos contingencias y pautas claras para nuestro personal, y abriremos lentamente de nuevo a las visitas en persona para nuestros pacientes y familias de una manera que los mantenga a ellos y a nuestro personal y proveedores lo más seguros posible y haya desarrollado un plan detallado. Continuamos tomando nuevas referencias para todos los servicios (incluyendo terapia, Intervención Temprana y servicios médicos), para evaluar a los pacientes, y para proporcionar tratamiento continuo según sea posible, sabiendo que algunos serán en persona y otros proporcionados virtualmente.

En este punto, a medida que comenzamos a abrir lentamente, sólo estamos permitiendo aquellos con una cita programada en el edificio. Si las familias o miembros de la comunidad necesitan venir a Children’s Village para recoger artículos o para dejar algo para un miembro del personal, pueden venir a la puerta, pero se les pedirá que espere al aire libre con el fin de minimizar el número de personas dentro del edificio.

Si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud, no dude en comunicarse con nosotros. Puede comunicarse a través de la línea telefónica de Children’s Village, y no dude en ponerse en contacto con Diane Liebe, Directora Médica en: (Teléfono: 509-574-3226) o con Laura Crooks, La Directora Ejecutiva en: (Teléfono: 509-574-3596).

Gracias por ser parte de Children’s Village,

El Equipo de Liderazgo de Children's Village

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