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Pediatric Therapy Services

Up-to-date information about Children's Village services

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many services and supports at Children's Village have been paused or changed to accommodate our current staffing volumes. This is due to many factors, including the transition, or deployment, of Children's Village staff to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital to care for patients in the hospital setting. Our hope is this will be short-term, and our staff will be back serving 'Village' families soon. But until then, Children's Village staff are doing their part to care for the most critically ill in our community. Thank you for your support and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Cindy Carroll, Clinical Director- 509-574-3228
Laura Crooks, CEO- 509-574-3596

While You Wait . . . Occupational and Physical Therapy Home Activities

The following are videos providing occupational and/or physical therapy activities you may enjoy watching and then sharing with your child.

Occupational Therapist Ms. Leslie Shows OT Activities for At Home - YouTube

OT activities for at home.

At-Home Sensory and Motor Activities Using Balloons - YouTube

Easy to do at home. These activities target motor planning, visual motor skills, bilateral coordination, and gross motor skill development using balloons.

10 Fun Therapy Games with SRAWS ?? l OT Inspired Activities for Remote Learning & Skill Development - YouTube

Father Time ?? A Sensory Motor Game for OT Teletherapy and Home Learning - YouTube

Get your child's attention and engagement with this activity that combines writing skills, creativity, imagination and sensory input

Simple & mess-free fine motor & motor planning activity for youngsters - YouTube

Put your child's toys in "jail" by wrapping them in rubber bands or by taping them to different surfaces! Have your child "free" them from "jail" by removing the rubber bands or tape. Quick + easy activity to challenge motor planning, fine motor skills, and bilateral coordination!

FINE MOTOR SKILLS // Easy Toddler Activity Ideas - YouTube

Easy activities to do at home to help practice fine motor skills.

Quick at home Occupational Therapy Activity, with a focus on visual scanning - YouTube

Easy fine motor skills activities you can do at home with your kids!

Sensory Play at Home: Proprioceptive Games - YouTube

Playing sensory games in the home is fun and easy! Engage your child in play that provides your child with proprioceptive input (muscles) using objects found around the home.

At Home Pediatric Occupational Therapy - Pencil Grasp - YouTube

Correct pencil grasp.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy - Shoulders and Core Strength - YouTube

Examples of ideas to develop your child's core and shoulder strength.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy - Gross Motor Games - YouTube

Improving your child's fine motor and gross motor skills - YouTube

Fun ways you can work with your child on his or her fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Physical Therapy Activities at Home: Indoor Obstacle Course - YouTube

Create an indoor obstacle course for your kids using only household items.

10+ core strengthening games in under 10 minutes, ages 4.5+ - YouTube

10+ fun, quick, and easy activities to help your child develop core strength.

5 indoor gross motor activities - YouTube

At-Home Gross Motor Activities for Children Using an Exercise Ball - YouTube

Target core strengthening, postural control, and motor planning.

Children's Village offers a range of therapy services, all which strive to improve the quality of life and developmental progress of children with special needs ages birth to 18-years-old. Pediatric Therapy provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and family swim therapy.

Therapists emphasize enhancing a child's function in a variety of settings by training and working with not just the child but also the family in order to provide the highest quality of services.

Therapists participate in a variety of diagnostic evaluations, individual and group therapy, pool therapy, and home-based therapy.

Pediatric Therapy may focus on:

  • Development of motor skills
  • Fine motor dexterity
  • Range of motion and strength
  • Play and social skills
  • Self-care skills such as dressing, eating, and bathing
  • Sensory integration

If you have a concern about your child's development, talk to your primary care physician about a referral or start by taking this simple online developmental screening or call Children's Village at (509) 574-3200 or (800) 745-1077.