Autism spectrum disorders

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) cannot be diagnosed through a blood or genetic test. Instead, a child receives comprehensive evaluations, that take place at Children’s Village, from a team of specialized practitioners. They can then properly diagnose ASD and decide what therapies or services are necessary to best support the child and family.

The ASD Diagnostic Clinic occurs two to three times monthly. The following professionals may be part of the clinic day:

  • Occupational therapist
  • Speech language pathologist
  • Behavioral/mental health therapist
  • Clinical psychologist
  • ESD 105 autism coordinator

The team is led by a developmental and behavioral pediatrician and supported by a clinic coordinator. Generally two clinicians/therapists administer the assessment, and the child is also seen by a pediatrician to assess overall health or any other health issues that might be present.

If you have a concern about your child’s development, talk to your primary care physician about a referral or start by taking this simple online developmental screening. You can also call Children’s Village at 509-574-3200 or 800-745-1077.