Early Intervention Program

Early intervention services during the first years of a child's life can make a big difference.

Children’s Village offers services and support to children birth to 3 years old who have disabilities and/or developmental delays.

Early support for infants and toddlers program (ESIT)

The early intervention program provides families with the support and resources necessary to enhance their child’s learning and development. These supports may be provided by an educator, speech-language pathologist, social worker, physical therapist, and/or occupational therapist through the facilitation of a family resource coordinator.

Seven principles guide the treatment plan for the child:

  1. Families are equal partners who bring to the team skills, experience and knowledge about their child. They are the final decision makers as to what will work best for their family.
  2. Family relationships are the central focus in the life of an infant or toddler. Therefore, we focus our services on supporting the adult family members to help their child develop and grow.
  3. Infants and toddlers learn best through everyday experiences and interactions with familiar people in familiar settings. Therefore, we provide services mostly in their homes but sometimes in daycares and other community settings.
  4. The early intervention process, from initial contact to transition, is responsive, flexible and individualized to reflect the child’s and family’s priorities, learning styles and cultural beliefs.
  5. All families, with the necessary support and resources, can enhance their children’s learning and development.
  6. The role of the early intervention service provider is to work on a team to support individualized family service plan functional outcomes, based on child’s and family’s needs and priorities.
  7. Our practices are based on the best available current evidence and research.

If you have a concern about your child’s development, talk to your primary care physician about a referral or start by taking this simple online developmental screening. You can also call Children’s Village at 509-574-3200 or 800-745-1077.